By law, a rent-stabilized tenant is not permitted to charge a roommate more than a proportionate share of the rent. (That rent share is determined by dividing the legal rent by the total number of tenants named on the lease together with such other occupants in the apartment. However, a tenant’s spouse and family, or an occupant’s dependent child, are not included in the total.)

Rent Stabilization Code (9 NYCRR) section 2525.7(b)

it’s curtains for you you SOB

cigarettevendingmachine said: crlitt told me what happened and I’m so fucking angry about this shit. what a fucking asshole, man

he made the right choice by getting outta there at the first opportunity. i’m gonna try and get out by this weekend. hopefully without paying any rent for august.

1 day ago on July 29, 2014 at 06:12pm

why is it always these guys who claim to be marxists and communists and really radical guys that turn out to be the biggest fucking scumbags when it comes to money and greed. like using “sorry, it’s capitalism” as an excuse for why they, for example, conned their overly-trusting housemates out of thousands of dollars to support their cocaine habit and expensive lifestyle. someone riddle me that. i don’t ever see this coming out of marxist / leftist women in my experience, is this some fuckin guy thing?

i had shit i needed to do tonight but i might just have to spend an hour or so seething in anger. i got taken advantage of like a mark for a year and a half by this fuck so he could live large. you wreck a friendship for $2500 and don’t even get what is so wrong about it. i cursed this guy out to his face and he said, “well i’m sorry you feel that way.” punk ass nonconfrontational suburban upper class coke head douche bag, you’re all the god damn same. 

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I woke up this morning in a fog thick as soup, an extended version of that final stage of sleep where dreams still have more clarity than whatever reality you’re facing. Some part of my conscious mind had latched onto a key phrase that seemed very important, and I had to memorialize it…

looks like my time in this apartment is nearly at a close. looking for housing in brooklyn north, gotta be near the J train and near the crosstown bed-stuy bus lines. preferably roof access, and near some nice local bars and the kinds of bodegas I can pick up my $1 coffees. whose got some rooms opening up?

1 day ago on July 29, 2014 at 11:38am

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sunset (at Rockaway Beach 97st)

Annie Clark - Spex - June 2014

wow……..really makes u think……